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Refresh Bible Study Magazine is a free, digital magazine sent quarterly to subscribers via a MailChimp newsletter. The mission of Refresh is to connect God's Word to life today.

All of our articles are based on Scripture, and many are good conversation starters for talking with people about God and the Bible. View past issues on
our website

Our magazine can be used in small groups since each article ends with discussion questions. If you use our magazine in this way, please contact us at, because we would love to pray for your group. 

On Thursday nights from 7-8 pm EST, we host "Be Refreshed" on Zoom. Authors from the current issue read their articles, and we discuss the questions. Email us for the Zoom link, and be encouraged by the discussion and fellowship!

If you are a writer and are interested in guidelines for submissions, please visit our
Writer Guidelines landing page. 

Don't let your heart grow weary. Stay refreshed in God's Word!

God bless you,
Katy Kauffman, Editor
Beebe Kauffman, Chief Editor

Refresh Bible Study Magazine is a publication of Lighthouse Bible Studies

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