for the love of lamb™

Hello and thank you for signing up to our for the love of lamb™ mailing list. We appreciate how busy life is and will only send you emails when we have something important to share with you. For example when our gorgeous grass fed lamb is ready for you to buy. Our season generally runs from November through to June. As we've recently started selling at regional farmers markets we are likely to sell out of stock earlier. If you want to lock in an order for a side of lamb each year then please let us know as soon as you can, we value our subscribers and will do the best we can to make you happy. In addition we've launched Australia's first commercially available LamBacon™. We plan to sell this year round. We know you'll love it. Please indicate your product preference either fresh lamb, LamBacon™ or both. Remember we have an open door policy and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. Toni x
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