Please use this form to begin your WEST COAST HAIR consultation (to submit to our appointment list) or to join our mailing list. Your answers will help us add you to the correct list for information fit perfectly to your needs. We get a number of inquiries and try to answer each one quickly and we do answer in the order of your readiness for the service.

After filling out the form (and for faster and more efficient processing and response) we need you to submit a photo or 2 for color and length consulting and to help quote your installation, if that is what you are looking for. Picture of the back and/or sides is fine as long as we can see your hair length and texture.

Your photos will help us estimate when we can set your appointment and also pricing for what you are looking to achieve. You can send us a link to your online photo below (if using Facebook, be sure it is a public photo). If you are wearing hair extensions, please tell us and feel free to include a photo with your extensions, but try to send us one without the extensions in, too. If you are changing anything about your hair; color, length etc., before you get extensions, please tell us in the "What we need to know about your hair" text field below.)

Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to working with you!

                       —Tiffany Twist and the WEST COAST HAIR Staff

PS. Here are before and afters for you to look through while you plan your upcoming new and amazing hair from WEST COAST HAIR!

Service we offer at WEST COAST HAIR:
  • Hair extension services in Minneapolis
  • Hair extension services in Los Angeles (monthly by appointment)
  • Volume only services in Minneapolis and Los Angeles
  • Our popular 40-strand "Volume Boost" (Minneapolis only)
  • Fun color and glitter strand accents for hair (Minneapolis only)
  • Birthday parties for up to 8 little heads - 12 and under (Minneapolis only)
  • Girl's night out - 21 and over (Minneapolis only)
  • VIP services such as private appointments, car service from the airport and back, meals and beverages, pre-released movies and more
You will tell us below which service you are looking for, but first, we need some information from you: and please be sure to check a service in the last question (You are looking for..) so that you can get an email back from us.
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Were you searching Google, on Yelp, a friend, a stranger with beautiful hair at the club? Please let us know all the details on how you found us!
Let us know what answers we can give you to help in your hair extension decisions, we are happy to help!